Umehara Column

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What is the Umehara Column?


Beginning serialization in 2009, the “Umehara Column” is a regular feature in Monthly Arcadia Magazine, published by ENTERBRAIN, Inc. Prominent fighting game personality Daigo Umehara and his close friend Takayuki Morikawa respond to questions about fighting games that are sent in by readers, occasionally joined by guests such as other fighting game players or members of the editing department.

A compilation of articles from the Umehara Column was published in March of 2013, literally titled Scroll of the Fist: A Fighting Game God Passes His Techniques to You. Most articles in this compilation include a section called “AFTERTALK” in which Daigo, Takayuki, and the editors came together in January of 2013 to reflect on their work.

On this section of, I will provide translations and summaries of articles from the Umehara Column. This collection seeks to reproduce the current state of the fighting game scene at the time its contents were originally written, and sections discussing contemporary events are left as is.



Daigo Umehara Takayuki Morikawa
A famous personality in the fighting game scene with many 2D fighting game championships to his name. His flashy play style and sage words have gained him many fans worldwide. Signed a sponsorship deal with Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. in 2010 and is currently active as a pro gamer. Manager of the GAME SPOT VERSUS arcade in Nishi Nippori. A fighting game player himself, Takayuki has been friends with Daigo for over a decade. Placed top 8 in the CAPCOM VS. SNK 2 singles tournament at the inaugural Super Battle Opera and was on the winning team at the ULTIMATE ZERO7 Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament.


Table of Contents

Topic #1: The Hadouken

– Topic #2: Applying Pressure

– Topic #3: Match-ups

– Topic #4: Quick Judgment

– Topic #5: Improvement